Want to check the condition of your flat roof?

Minor defects can lead to major leaks and ditto damage – and therefore high costs. In most cases, these are unforeseen or recurring costs that you, as building owner or caretaker, want to avoid as much as possible. Coverto can perform inspections during the installation of your roof, and check the condition of any roofs that have already been built.

We can also carry out periodic checks on roofs on which work is in progress (new construction or renovations) in consultation with the principal client in order to assess the quality of the work. This means that we will visit the building in question on set dates and take a look at the materials used, the quality of the execution, the wind load calculation, and so forth. You can therefore be sure that the work is done according to the standards of good craftsmanship and the manufacturer’s installation instructions.


Specialised inspection of existing roofs

The inspection of existing roofs consists of several elements. We carry out a visual inspection of the installed roofing, in which the condition of the roofing and the details concerning the connecting elements are inspected. If desired, we can make incisions that give you more information about the structure of the roof and the condition of the various layers.

We will provide our findings in a report with clear photos and clear-cut information about the most ideal maintenance or renovation schedule for the coming years in order to attain the desired lifespan of the roof.

Coverto will also inform you of the expected lifespan of the entire roofing system. The proposed investments are always weighed up against the remaining operating period of your building.

Roof inspections ensure a longer life span of your roofing, help prevent unnecessary leaks and damages and contribute to a reduction in the maintenance costs of your building.

A few videos of our tests:

The importance of thorough roof inspections

Extended lifespan

A roof inspection helps you quickly identify and repair minor problems on your roof which can significantly extend its life span.

Cost management

Having your roof inspected allows you to better predict if and when repairs are needed. This protects you from unforeseen costs and allows you to plan and spread investments.

Insight into quality

You will gain insight into how well – or poorly – your roof was installed, a factor that largely determines its lifespan.

Faster response to problems

Thanks to detailed reports, you will not need to worry about entering into discussions with the insurance company in the event of any kind of damage.

Lower total cost of ownership

You can extend the lifespan of your roof by intervening in good time and carrying out minor repairs. Your roof will remain in tip-top condition and the total cost of your roof for the entire duration of its life will be considerably lower.

Satisfied tenants

If you have your roof inspected, you will know exactly in what condition it is, even in those cases where your tenant is responsible for its maintenance. Leaks and any inconvenience for your tenants resulting from this will also be less frequent.

About Coverto

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Our expertise

Coverto has more than twenty years of expertise in flat roofs.

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    Our approach

    Each roof is unique. Depending on your needs and requirements, we will find the most suitable approach for you.

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    Our promise

    Our mission is to extend the lifespan of every roof. A roof should have a lifespan of 40 to 50 years, but is installed to last only about 10 years. This should not be allowed! Taking proactive action and calling in an expert like Coverto will help you significantly extend the lifespan of your roof.

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