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Coverto is specialised in leak detection, waterproofing tests and the inspection of flat roofs. You can also contact us for project support, roof management and expert’s inspections.

Expert in flat roofs

The installation of a roof is a key determining factor in regard of its lifespan. Unfortunately, this is often where things go wrong. Roofs that should normally last up to 40 to 50 years are installed to meet a lifespan of barely 10 years.Coverto wants to make owners aware of this problem and make a difference. Our vision? It is better to make minor investments in the short term, rather than wait until it is too late and major costs are unavoidable. Appeal to our expertise to ensure an optimal lifespan of your roofs. We operate completely independently and are therefore an objective and designated partner for everything associated with flat roofs.

Fréderik Belin
Managing Director


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    Long-term vision

    We strive to ensure that every roof attains its maximum life span.

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    Open communication

    Our quotations, reports and communication are open, honest and objective.

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    We are not bound to a manufacturer, roofing company or other party charged with the execution of roofing projects.

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